How To Reach Your Fitness Goals With 11 Simple Steps

Are you struggling to achieve your fitness goals? This article will teach you how to reach your fitness goals with easy and practical steps. Be the best you possibly can.

Finally, breaking old habits and enhancing your physical strength and fitness might be the finest decisions you made. 

Motivation, critical information, and some guidelines and techniques may all boost your chances to reach your goals. 

Encourage yourself with this list of 11 beginner ideas to help you achieve your fitness goals.

1. Define your motivation for wanting to be fit

Snurck How To Achieve Fitness Goals - Keep Your Motivation Running

Being physically fit is a discipline that must be met continuously. Once you’ve achieved it, you must push yourself to live a better lifestyle. 

So, before you begin, identify your main reason why. What is your main reason for working out? Is it to live a better life and be healthier? Do you have the dream of climbing Mount Kinabalu or going on a Scuba Dive at Mabul Island in Sabah? Or are you just trying to appear slim and fit for a friend’s forthcoming wedding?

Internal motivation makes it simpler to commit, however, external drive is frequently short-term and will not motivate you sufficiently when things go tough. You should at least have 3 good reasons why you should be physically fit and keep them in mind when things become difficult.

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2. Create a List of Goals

 Make a list of fitness goals to assist you to achieve your overall health objectives.

Once you’ve determined why make a list of achievable goals. In order to be achieved, these objectives should be as straightforward as feasible. 

You must choose 2-3 days of the week to begin exercising if you really want to hop on the fitness bandwagon. Then, much like an essential meeting, plan your exercises.

Set a specific workout objective after that. Work out three times a week, for example. When you cross this objective off your list, try to stick to this timetable for the full month. 

Then, without fail, commit to working out for two months in a row. When you complete a goal, cross it off your list and focus on the next and most realistic objective.

3. Remember to remain adaptable 

Even though we plan our entire week, things don’t always go as planned. If you miss your morning HIIT or pilates session, head to the gym or do a quick full-body circuit at home instead. 

Don’t worry if you have something that you planned coming up that requires you to miss a whole week of training. Just remember to continue from the previous so you don’t fall off the fitness wagon. Always be adaptable and preserve to deal with failures.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Snurck How To Achieve Fitness Goals - Prevent Procastination

For some reason, if you really need to skip an exercise class, don’t do it twice in a row. You must focus on your objectives if you are committed to staying consistent with your workout until it turns into a habit. Even the least bit of effort is good enough already. If you think your day is packed with activities, try to slot in your exercise routines in the morning. This way, you may cross your workout off the list and begin the day with a healthy surge of energy.

“Procrastination is a habit – a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior. This means that you probably can’t break it overnight. Habits only stop being habits when you avoid practicing them, so try as many of the strategies, below, as possible to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding.” – Mindtools

Habits are formed on a daily basis by staying consistent and devoted. It’s preferable to fit a 15-minute run or jog in a day than to do nothing at all. It takes around 66 days for an activity to become a habit. Procrastinate not, but keep pushing forward and making each day count.

5. Cleanse Your Diet

If you’re the first time and you want to start your fitness journey, trust us, it is difficult. But the benefits along the road are well worth the effort. However, your fitness goals will not generate benefits until you eat clean. 

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, you must properly nourish your body and devote time to strength training. In addition, if your goal is to lower your body fat percentage, you must consume nutritional foods that act as a supplement to your workout efforts.

 Eating healthy is a crucial habit to enhance your health and become physical in the long run. Consume plenty of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Limit or avoid processed meals, sweets, beverages, and any junk foods. 

6. Search for Fitness Programs That You Enjoy

Fitness may be joyful and exciting if you choose an activity that you are enthusiastic about. Training trends are continuously evolving, providing you with a wide range of fitness regimens to select from. You may work out in the gym on your own, use commercial treadmills, or locate a fun and convenient group program. Whatever you select, make sure to include strength training, cardio, and high-intensity training in your fitness routine. 

Strength exercise will assist you to churn out the fat by increasing your strength. Cardio workouts at minimum once or twice a week are beneficial to your cardiovascular system. A HIIT exercise is ideal for days that you have limited time but yet want to get the benefits of the post-workout high. 

It is also advised that to have around 20 minutes of gentle movement be included during the day. When you choose an activity you like, exercise will become simply another enjoyable pastime, making it much simpler to attain your goals.

7. Accept Recovery Time

Take advantage of your healing time to further your health objectives.

 Recovery time is just as vital as the amount of effort you put into your workout sessions. Each workout places a great deal of strain on the muscles. As a result, muscles require rest. Your body must recover the energy reserves required for yet another workout. 

You need to have the target of working out two or three times consecutively then rest for a day. If you work out consistently and without breaks, your development will not be slowed.

Not recuperating correctly may also have a detrimental influence on your motivation and may even be the cause of your motivation diminishing. Proper hydration and nutrition are critical parts of rehabilitation, so allow your body to heal after your intense workout session.

On the weekends, participate in an unusual fitness activity.

 8. Join the Rare Workouts Program 

By shaking up the routine of your workouts, unusual fitness activities will feed your enthusiasm to continue active. After a time, you may become tired or bored with your usual exercise program or gym sessions, so doing something entirely new on the weekends will help you maintain your drive. Take up cycling to get a fantastic cardio workout while exploring your city.

 Renting bikes can aid you while pedaling and provide a boost when you need it. As an alternative, you may try a practical e-bike. Hiking is another option for improving stamina while strengthening your leg muscles. 

It will not only improve your legs and core, but it will give you an enormous amount of good energy after completing the hike. Spending time outside in nature enhances our mood and decreases stress.

Snurck How To Achieve Fitness Goals - Join Rare Workouts Program

9. Find Someone to Help You

If you have someone that is aligned with your vision, everything is simpler. Create a strong support network within your circle of friends and family. Find someone that shares your motivation and joins you on your fitness adventure. 

You don’t have to accomplish everything jointly; only hold each other accountable. 

Make a weekly schedule of exercises, eating plans, and other unusual activities to carry out with your friends. It is important as whenever you slip off the fitness wagon, you can support each other to achieve similar goals.

10. Don’t let your cheating days sabotage your progress.

So you’ve been training hard, eating well, and have accomplished a fitness goals. You believe that rewards should come after, and you want to convert it into an all-you-can-eat cheat day. However, you must utilize cheat days wisely. 

If you go too far, one cheat day might undo all of the efforts you’ve put in a single day. Cheat days are acceptable but eat a slice of cake rather than the entire cake. 

A healthy balance can help you stay dedicated and inspired to exercise, eat sensibly, and indulge yourself once in a while. So, plan your cheat meals carefully and utilize them as a reward that could make you happy.

11. Prioritize your sleep.

Sleep will only help you achieve your goals, so don’t scrimp on it. You’ll be putting your body in danger of burnout if you do. 

Snurck How To Achieve Fitness Goals - Get Good Sleep

Running after your business, personal, and health objectives may be causing you to sleep less and less. Instead, make a sleep routine that consists of 7 to 9 hours of sleep hours a night and base everything else on that. 

If you sacrifice recuperation time, you will distort the progress of your exercise regime. Instead, accept and utilize sleep’s truly restorative capabilities for your body and mind. 


Continue to pursue your physical and mental fitness goals until you achieve your target fitness levels. Even if you do, don’t stop pushing yourself to be your fittest self. Always check on your accomplishments once you have reached your ideal fitness level. Healthy physical fitness should be a part of your daily routine since it can only benefit you.

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