How To Choose Workout Clothes That Boost Your Performance 207%

Get the best out of your workout clothing to boost your fitness performance. Be ready to be better today than yesterday!

Workout clothes are so fashionable that it has evolved into a way of life, giving rise to athleisure. 

However, fitness clothing not only looks great but also boosts workout performance.

Working out at the best performance while maintaining stylish seems to come naturally for some. But some others have to work hard for it. 

Nevertheless, three important things – comfort, stretch and breathability play a crucial role in providing you with a boost in your workout performance. There are some others too, though not as important.

The best workout clothes are something that you can forget once you have started your workout sessions. Suppose you think your workout clothes makes you feel self-conscious or constrained throughout your workouts. In that case, you are significantly demotivated to continue working out.

So, here’s a rundown of things that need to be cautious about while shopping for gym wear.

1. Follow Workout Regimes

Some of you might wear the same clothing for every workout. Still, some types of exercise will be more pleasurable if you wear the appropriate variety of workout clothes.

For example, stretchy workout shirts are much more comfortable to wear for Crossfit exercise. However, they aren’t necessarily the best choice of clothing for running or cycling. Cycling shirts are equally unsuitable for workouts like Crossfit as they are too tight and not flexible enough for dynamic and intense movements.

Black Workout Clothes - Snurck Coreflex Training T-Shirt

Wear clothes suited explicitly for the activity you wish to accomplish, and we can guarantee that the workout session will be more comfortable for you. This “rule of thumb” also applies when you are about to choose suitable footwear for your workout session.

2. Workout Comfort

Being comfortable with your skin is essential, but how about feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear?

Workout clothes should not restrict you from performing at your highest potential, is highly breathable to allow a cooling sensation, is “forgettable” once on and is specifically suited for your workout session.

Comfort starts with the fabrics you use; cotton might be the most comfortable, while others might have fewer benefits. However, a blend of elastane and cotton ensures your performance is not hindered by your clothing. Elastane gives you the stretchiness that greatly helps for every movement you make during a workout. It allows you to elevate your comfort that could adapt to nearly any workout schedule. 

Army Green Workout Clothes - Snurck Coreflex Training T-Shirt

Our CoreFlex Training T-Shirt is a mixture of 95% Cotton with 5% Elastane to provide you with the comfort and flexibility needed to perform your best during your workout sessions.

3. Moisture Wicking

Workout clothes are made from various fabrics, ranging from comfy cotton fibre to precisely engineered synthetic fibres that allow sweat to escape with water-resistant capabilities.

Wicking refers to a material’s capacity to make the sweat evaporate away from the skin, passing through the material through a simple evaporation process. This keeps your skin sweat-free and comfortable during the workout sessions.

Most natural fibres are not sweat-wicking by nature. However, natural fibres like cotton are highly breathable, reducing your tendency to sweat. Cotton is also an absorbent material, so it can soak up some of the sweat you produce during a workout. Cotton items can often be tossed in the regular wash cycle with the rest of your wardrobe, making them reasonably straightforward to keep.

Many other synthetic and so-called technological materials wick exceptionally well. Wicking materials are a fantastic choice whether you run, cycle, hike, or do any other form of workout where you will sweat.

4. Antibacterial Properties

Have you ever realized that no matter how thoroughly you wash your gym clothes, as soon as you put them on and start to warm up, they begin to smell as if they were never washed in the first place?

It’s not that your workout clothes is dirty in the usual sense; instead, there are microorganisms trapped in the fibres that washing alone will not eliminate. You could try to put your workout clothes in water mixed with vinegar to eliminate these odour-causing bacteria, but that’s not very practical. Instead, choose workout clothes with anti-microbial characteristics.

These specifically treated clothes are considerably less prone to develop unwanted scents that will not disappear with regular washing.

At Snurck, we provide naturally anti-microbial t-shirts made from 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton to be part of your workout wardrobe. The t-shirt can prevent a stinky smell from coming out from your body, thus giving you a more extended period of comfort even till after your workout sessions. Try it out now while the stock lasts!

Green Workout Clothes - Snurck Ultracomfort Bamboo T-Shirt

5. Easily Seen

If you work outside at night, your apparel should make you visible to other road users. Bright colours and reflective stripes are necessary for this matter. While black may be attractive, it can also be flattening if you are invisible to other road users.

Wear bright fluorescent gear for your nighttime workouts to ensure you are highly visible, especially to the motorist.

6. UV Protection

You may benefit from wearing UV-protective clothes if you work out in the sun. Sunlight exposure for 20 to 30 minutes is often beneficial since it stimulates vitamin D production.

However, if you are very sun-sensitive, live in a hot area, or are going to be out under the sun for an extended period, you may be better off covering yourself from the sun.

UV rays from the sun might cause severe damage to your skin and your body system as a whole.

UV protection agent, like sunscreens, is rated using the SPF system, which indicates that the higher the number, the more protection you will have. Sunscreen can become the perfect combination with your UV Protection workout gear to prevent any harmful sun rays to your skin.


To conclude, we might say that the best workout clothes is the fabric that’s well suited for the type of workout regimes you’re routinely doing. 

Most of the features we mention in this article can be found on the most activewear fabric.

Ultimately, the best way to choose the right workout clothes is to evaluate your exercise regime and whether it requires a specific type of fabric so that you’re always ready to perform your very best in the workout sessions. Whether it be essential exercise or high-intensity training, your gym wear should be able to handle it all.

At Snurck, we have two types of workout gear specially designed for comfort and movement. Our UltraComfort Bamboo T-Shirt gives you all the comfort you need to allow you to conduct light training for a long duration. While our CoreFlex T-Shirt is made for your highly-dynamic movement with its highly-stretchable fabric.

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