Bamboo Shirt As The Ultimate Performance Wear

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The going green trend is steering the world towards a new eco-friendly direction. All industries are in the quest for the most eco-friendly and sustainable components for their products so, as the clothing industry is. 

For a better environment, sustainable and eco-friendly clothing is not a choice it’s a necessity. 

As individuals are trying to minimize carbon footprints and focusing on environment-friendly, chemical-free, and sustainable clothing, but the available options are not meeting their modern-day demands.

This is truer for performance wear. 

When an individual considers options for athletics, hiking, running, working out, or extreme outdoor activity, usually clothing that is performance-driven and more comfortable and safety for adventure is the best.

The passion for chemically treated athleisure is not only a large tool on the environment but also scourges individuals’ health.

Moisture-wicking sportswear is the best example of this as they are treated with many chemicals to absorb maximum moisture from the body and leave many side effects.

Synthetic fibres are composed of a mixture of different chemicals. Then these fibers are woven into different athleisure and when you try these clothes next to your skin they can cause allergies and itching. The byproducts of synthetic fibres are further released into the environment, making the environmental conditions worse.

The bamboo fabric is one for all solutions and the new face of eco-friendly textiles. Bamboo fabric is manufactured from the pulp of bamboo grass. This is gaining popularity due to a lot of unique properties. This fabric is strong and lightweight, has splendid wicking properties, antibacterial, and is UV protectant.

Bamboo has had a lot of applications for centuries in different sectors like transport, cooking, construction, and even for medicinal purposes. But in recent years, bamboo fabric is gaining more popularity in performance wear manufacturing as it provides many solutions to individuals’ modern-day requirements.

Importance of Bamboo Fabric For The Best Daily Performance

Individuals need performance wears to be more durable, moveable, comfortable, and attractive. While many of us settle ourselves with chemical manufactured athleisure, while many feel uncomfortable and try to opt for natural fibers and bamboo fabric clothing is the best alternative to synthetic fiber clothing.

Bamboo clothing has great moisture-wicking properties. Bamboo is usually grown in hot climates and they need a lot of water for rapid growth. 

They can absorb three times more water as compared to cotton and other fabrics. 

So a bamboo fabric shirt can help you to remain dry more than any other synthetic fiber, without any side effects to your body and environment.

Bamboo fabric has a silky texture and is very soft. It can be directly tried on the skin without fear of allergic reactions or rashes. 

Some peoples suffer from allergic reactions from other natural fibers like hemp and wool but, the bamboo fabric is anti-allergic. 

It is also processed with a round of treatments and these treatments make sure that there are no sharp edges to irritate your skin.

Bamboo fabrics have antibacterial properties. They are odor-resistant. As compared to other fibers there is no chemical used to make bamboo odor-resistant. 

They have a natural chemical that traps odor and retard the growth of mildew and molds.

Bamboo fabric protects against UV radiation. Skin cancer is a prevalent and real issue. While many individuals are obsessed with the outdoors so skin protection against UV radiation is a must. 

Many synthetic athleisure are coated with UV protecting chemicals but leached out after a few washes. 

Bamboo fabric naturally protects against UV radiations and there is no chance for chemicals to drain out while washing.

Athleisure’s composed of Bamboo fabric have thermal regulating properties. They have natural pores which allow air to flow in and out.


Bamboo fabrics are an incredible alternative to chemically laden and synthetic performance wear. 

They have the best properties in terms of odor resistance, moisture-wicking, comfort, UV protection, and environmental safety. There is no other natural fiber that performs as well as bamboo. 

Choosing bamboo fabric can help for personal safety and can lead to a safe and chemical-free environment.

Check out our Bamboo-Blend Series to experience the power of bamboo fabric as your day-to-day performance wear.

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